In an effort to promote wind energy, the Wind Industry and Wind Developers have saturated the media with inaccurate information and false promises. Wind energy is expensive and dependent on subsidies and incentives, it provides relatively little in terms of energy or air quality benefits. It has significant wildlife impacts, and its development threatens our remaining wild landscape. Data from around the world prove the benefits of commercial wind development have been grossly exaggerated. The primary motivation for building wind plants is not energy or environmental benefits; rather it is tax breaks and incentives - a few people get rich, the public gains nothing, and we the taxpayers pick up the tab. Help us stop a needless destruction of a North Carolina Treasure.
Keepers of the Blue Ridge

Who We Are

We are regular people – just like you. Our common goal is to protect and preserve our heritage and a great natural resource: The Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.

Our Mission

Keepers of the Blue Ridge are dedicated to supporting the 1983 Mountain Ridge Protection Act and protecting the NC mountains for future generations. We are working together to stop commercial wind development on our protected ridges. We believe that commercial wind energy is an inefficient and expensive form of alternative energy that will adversely affect our local economy, our culture, our scenic view sheds, our wildlife and natural environment, and our quiet enjoyment. We believe installation of utility scale wind turbines will be a violation of the 1983 "Ridge Law".

We hope to inform the people of North Carolina about the inefficiency of wind plants, the needless environmental damage they cause, the huge costs to taxpayers, and the potential health hazards. We are working with environmental and legal experts to address this complex issue.

What Can You Do To Help?

SPEAK OUT! Send a letter or email to politicians and newspaper editors.

Share this website with your friends. Visit our ?/strong>Get Involved?/strong> page for addresses and letter writing advice.

Alternative Energy

We are opposed to commercial wind development on the protected ridges of North Carolina; however, we support many other forms of alternative energy. We believe the money being wasted on commercial wind development could be more effectively used in research and promotion of more responsible alternatives. We also encourage conservation measures. Please visit the "Responsible Energy Alternative" page to learn more.






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