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Wind Energy is NO FRIEND to the environment.
Commercial wind projects cause considerable collateral damage. A single turbine requires clear cutting 3-5 acres to provide room for construction and to reduce wind turbulence during operation. Loss of interior forest habitat is even greater, 15-20 acres per turbine. Interior forest, defined as forest habitat that is more than 100 meters from a clearing, is essential for maintaining viable populations of many birds and wildlife. It is often necessary to blast bedrock which has the potential to disrupt water flow to existing wells downhill.
The 3 sections of the wind turbine's tower on the ground are each nearly 100 ft. long.
The small narrow roads in rural communities are not designed to withstand tractor trailers carrying up to 80 metric tons, and can result in horrible road damage. The cost of repairing this damage will of
course be passed on to the taxpayer.
Transporting turbine blades.
The North Carolina Coast is a target for the wind industry too.
Wind Towers are subject to metal fatigue and the effects of ice and wind, parts and whole blades have torn off because of malfunction, flying as far as 8 kilometers and through the window of a home in one case. Whole towers have collapsed in Germany (as recently as 2002) and the U.S. (e.g. Oklahoma, May 2005)
"I can think of no proposed project more devastating to fish and wildlife,
and the local economy than plunking a wind farm in the middle of the Nantucket Sound."
- Ted Williams, Audubon Magazine (May 5, 2004)

The U.S Fish and Wildlife Services estimate that European wind power kills 37 birds per turbine per year. Extrapolating that figure to 50 turbines equals the potential for a small wind plant to kill almost 20,000 birds over a 10 year period.


Turbine related fires are not uncommon. A single turbine may contain up to 200 gallons of oil; the transformer at the base of each turbine may contain another 500 gallons of oil. In rural areas even a spark can easily develop into a large fire before discovery is made and fire-fighting can begin.

"To the Wind Industry and Wind Developers, rural America is no different than a third world country.
They enrich a few landowners, pay for a school or fire truck, persuade some of the locals
with their good intentions, pit the rest of the people against each other, then they take what they want."
- Eric Rosenbloom, Vermont Writer and science editor.
The Wind Industry, Wind Developers, and a few land owners get rich at tax payers expense and force the rest of the community to become a live in power plant.
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